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After 20 days attempt to go OVERSEAS

IN FEB, this year, we tried 20days attempt to go overseas. we have asked one closest tourist agent to go there. Person in Charge there, couldnot ask just one call to airline, how much extrafare is available for many suitcases that we brought. we had around 12 pcs of...


Please search for the parts number.



Noritsu announced discontinue of products upto 3701/2 in March 2021. However, still lot of parts are in stock.
QSS29, QSS30, QSS31, QSS33 SERIES are all mostly DISCON. QSS32SERIES: electronically and electrically parts are discon, but some plastic parts are still AV. QSS35SERIES and QSS37SERIES are announced discon, but Noritsu still have stock for some portions. QSS38 and upper models are running well.
Dry labs: D1005 and GREEN2 are HEAD PLATE same. Some parts from D1005 are compatible with Green2 series. Now Green 2 and upper models are running.
Film Scanner: USB Scanners parts are available. WE donot handle old models parts list, but we take care of our customers with OEM or used parts.


Fujifilm restored 500R, 550R and 570R in the age of early 2010 decades. They did lot of efforts to sell minilabs Noritsu OEM also, like LP7100, LP7500, LP7700, LP7900. Drylabs also, Fuji trying to reach Noritsu Tech and installed a lot of EPSON Style Noritsu OEM, but now, after DL650 they reached DX100 and DE100 tech that is smart and easy for exsausted photo labs to purchase. 500-550-570 R Series Spare parts are well running here. Film Scanner are all discontinued. Film processors all discontinued. Brand new parts for Frontier 330-340-350-370-355-375-390-395: all discon, but sometimes they have stock. We donot handle old model parts list, but we take care of our customers with OEM or used parts.