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Para las madres no es bueno fumar, pero para los hombres hacer esfuerzo a morir es una cosa natural, asi se pienza los hombres que vivia antes y fumaba bastante, pero ahora la gente no quiere como muere los que fuman. Pero yo tengo respetos a mi abuelo y a mi padre, pero mi padre tenia miedo del fin de mi abuelo, y no quizo fumar mas.  Pero el murio con otro cancer de verdad.  Entonces, yo pense de cosa abuelo.  Las cosas estan andando bien en este mundo con muchos cambios ahora.

For young mothers are not good to smoke but for men to make efforts to die is something natural and what is this no-smoking canpaign?  Those are resisting to die but finally die, what do you think is best?  I am on first way, making efforts to die, having many dreams to watch, so our god think of good dream to comply.

Noritsu announced raise price on spare parts on March this year.

Noritsu anuncia aumento de precio en marzo este ano.


We are OK with recent serious desease and everyday processing orders.

Following machines are available now:  QSS3201 with pc problem x 1; Frontier 350 x 3: 370 x1; QSS3300 x 2; QSS3301 x 1; many fuji FP availalble; SP3000 x 6(english ver, UK version)




Now new office with warehouse at Isesaki is in work.

Ahora nueva oficina con bodega en Isesaki esta en accion.

We are working from 10AM to 6PM Japan Standard Time and all queries prior to 4PM, will be quoted in same day.

We have setup discount groups according to purchase history.  If you have purchased from us, you are applied certain discount group.

Please take note that once you ordered the products, you can cancel order when items are not ready within your schedule. This condition is only condition that we accept cancellation.   If you want to cancel the order, you will charged cancellation fee for 50% of amount when we have no reason to cancel.


NEW USERS can get 5% discount coupon on REGISTRATION.

This Coupon is valid for orders more than JPY25000.-/order and valid for one time for

one user only.

NORITSU discontinued items are much, such as QSS29/30/31/32/33/34/35.

FUJI discontinued items are also much, such as F330/340/350/370/355/375/390


Labparts sales 

Yoichi Aihara

-Last updated 2020/03/26 -