IN FEB, this year, we tried 20days attempt to go overseas.
we have asked one closest tourist agent to go there.
Person in Charge there, couldnot ask just one call to airline, how much
extrafare is available for many suitcases that we brought.
we had around 12 pcs of suitcases and to our destination, airline officer
told us that 1 suitcase costs me 1000USD to bring to destino.
we had to cancel ticket and needed to pay cancellation ch.
we stayed 3days long at airport pushing 2 mountain carts.
First airline officer told me at third day that they are substitute
and we had to call main airline and called ourself at the front of
2 mountain carts. Agency is I think, guilty because they obeyed
backside power but only calls. We are just exim co, having an aim to
sell JP goods. that is all. good luck JP.
From one month ago, we are receiving tons of comunicatuions about
parts and also machines. Hence we decided to re-open this site
again. Good luck to your business.